🌮Asada 🌮Adovada (pastor) 🌮Carnitas 🌮Chicken 🌮Tripa 🌮Cabeza 🌮Lengua 🌮Chicharrón 🌮Chorizo

    🌮Suadero 🌮Buche 🌮Shrimp 🌮Fish


    Burritos y Quesadillas

    🌯 Breakfast Burrito  🌯 Burrito Mojada  🌯 Burrito 

    🌯 Quesadilla Especial


    Much Much More...

    🍟Asada Fries  🍟Campechana Fries  🍟Elotes 🍟Mulitas  🍟Orden De Asada  🍟Orden De Pastor  🍟Vampiros


Tacos Tijuana, No cualquier Taco Buenos Tacos.

Tacos Tijuana offers authentic good Tacos, at Tacos Tijuana we make everything fresh from scratch and do NOT use any frozen foods, we don’t event have a freezer thus our food is made fresh everyday, all produce and meats delivered daily.

We take pride in serving the best Tacos in Las Vegas. Second Location Coming Soon!

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